It is such an advantage having someone like John Craisia to help find the right hearing aids for you. After a very disappointing 3 years of mixed results and indifferent service with one of the wholesale club chains, my experience with John has been both excellent and a breath of fresh air. He is not a ” one size fits all” provider, He has access to many different companies and took the time to test and find out what my specific needs were and select the right hearing aids to perfectly fit my needs. I especially liked being tested in my own home, where I use them the
most. Thank you so much John!Edward Rankin

Vic and I both want to thank John for helping us…Vic went to John because his hearing was getting so bad…Vic was fitted with two
hearing aids. Our lives are so much better…The TV is at a normal volume…Everything is better for Vic…He can actually hear the birds chirping. That he has not heard in many years. John…Vic and I want to thank you so very much for everything…We would recommend anyone that has a hearing problem to call John. We are
so glad we did.Victor and Barbara Foor

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