Mobile Hearing Services

Mobile Hearing Screenings, Hearing Aid Sales and Service available in Pennsylvania within approximately 30 miles of Gettysburg.

Welcome to Sound Decision Hearing Aid Center of Biglerville, PA. We offer a wide range of hearing health services including free hearing tests, hearing aid consultations, hearing aid repair, “clean & checks” and more. We offer hearing services in our conveniently located office at 2454 Chambersburg road in Biglerville, PA. We also offer in-home visits by request. Read more about the services we offer below or to schedule an appointment.

Hearing Screenings & Hearing Aid Consultations

free hearing tests in new oxford, pa

Free Hearing Tests

At Sound Decision, we offer free hearing screenings, tests and visual inspections of your ear canals using an otoscope.

We use pure tone audiometry as well as bone conduction and other tests to help determine the type of hearing loss, be it conductive, sensorineural or mixed ( a combination of both).

Digital Hearing Aids

When you are ready to try new technology, we can discuss your lifestyle changes and match those needs with the instruments that best fit your budget letting you try them before you buy.

In Home Hearing Screenings & Appointments Available

Let us come to you

We are available by appointment only at our conveniently located office in Biglerville, PA. For those who would like service at home or in a facility, we will gladly come to you and conduct a hearing evaluation and hearing aid demonstration in the comfort of your home. Mobile service is available within 30 miles of Gettysburg, Pa. Simply give us a call to schedule your in-home appointment.

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Hearing Aid Cleaning and Repair Services

Complimentary “Clean & Check” Appointments

We also offer, in our office by appointment, free clean and checks of your current hearing aids, as well as re-tubing.

Hearing Aid Repair

If your hearing aid can’t be fixed in house, we can send it out for repair for a fee that will include a 6 month (or possibly a 1 year) warranty if repairable or no charge if it is not repairable.

Need an in-home hearing screening?

Contact us today to schedule an in-home evaluation and hearing aid demonstration with our Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist.

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