Widex Hearing Aids

Widex, based in Denmark, has long been known for making hearing aids with exceptional sound quality.  With products like the Zen tinnitus series and the latest Dream platform, they have consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation in the hearing aid industry. In addition, their design team has done an excellent job creating hearing systems that are aesthetically pleasing, like the Dream Fashion. The company has also shown a commitment to the environment by utilizing a carbon neutral headquarters in Lynge, Denmark.

Widex Dream

With Widex Dream, hearing aid users can enjoy excellent performance in a wide variety of listening environments. The Dream platform offers an extended dynamic range, expanding the ceiling of sound that the system can handle before peak clipping or distortion set in. In a recent survey, Widex Dream wearers experienced a 6.3% improvement in speech recognition. The Dream series is available in custom (CIC, ITE, ITC) styles, as well as CROS, RIC and BTE styles.  In addition, Widex hearing aids come with the MY.WIDEX.COM website with customized information about your hearing system on a personalized web page.

Widex Dex Accessories

Widex M-Dex
Widex FM-Dex
Widex TV-Dex

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